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4 years BAS

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Niš, Serbia

Study program

One of the study program’s objectives is to create high-skilled professionals for a wide spectrum of tasks based on the practical application of integrated knowledge from the fields of business information technology and economics. The aim of this is solving particular operation problems of business and public sector entities. Part of the objective is to educate and prepare students to solve economic problems and realize economic targets through the use of business information technology methods and tools. In modern civilization this has become an inevitable kind of knowledge and is a comparative advantage when searching for employment considering that business entities operating without computer use are practically non-existent.

The study program Business Economics and Information Technology is conceptualized to facilitate modern professional education in the sphere of business and information technology.

Business entities in the current business context face permanent fluctuations on the market. In such an unpredictable atmosphere sustainable competitiveness and market position become the priority of every business. The realization of such a priority entails application of innovative knowledge and skills that are vastly different from traditional ones. Such innovative knowledge and skills represent integrated economic and information technology competences which enable agile responses to market changes, a high level of flexibility and organizational knowledge that enhances performance of organizational functions, operation processes, strategic position of business entities and it increases their value. Businesses must employ professionals who simultaneously possess the necessary knowledge from the fields of business economy and information technology because recruiting such multifunctional staff reduces organizational costs multiple times over and contributes to generating added value which finally leads to overall operation growth. In an information society and with the general tendency of not only business entities but also the public sector to improve their operation by implementing integrated business – IT and economic knowledge, preparing students for such professions and occupations is indubitably socially justified and useful.
One of the aims of the study program is educating students and providing the necessary competences for a wide array of potential occupations:

Goals of the study program cover staff education in the field of business information technology who: successfully implement acquired knowledge to solve practical business problems, apply modern business IT solutions for improving management, accounting, marketing, production, human resources and other areas in the sense of business processes and organizational functions. They successfully implement integrated business IT knowledge to develop digital business in various areas, develop initiative and ability to independently maximize internet use efficiency in business, implement decisions in different areas of business with application of business IT.


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